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Homelessness week 2022 : To end homelessness we need a plan

In July 2021, the final report established from the 2020 inquiry into homelessness was released to the public.

It made 35 recommendations to the Australian Government regarding four key topics; Prevention and early intervention; Adopting a ‘Housing First’ approach; Enhancing social housing; Developing a national strategy.

Of the 35 recommendations made, two. That’s right, only two, were supported by the previous Australian Government. A national strategy to addressing homelessness was not supported.

In a year of increasing interest rates, where housing affordability is at a record low and the cost of living compared to wage growth at a record high. The previous government’s response to the 2020 inquiry is nothing short of disparaging.

In March 2021, at the Australian Labor Party Special Platform Conference, the current government committed to developing a National Housing and Homelessness Strategy.

The housing affordability issue in Australia is not new. In fact, in 2018, a coalition of housing, homelessness and welfare organisations established the national campaign ‘Everybody’s Home’ that aims to achieve the change needed so everybody has a safe and decent place to live.

What you can do?

This Homelessness Week, consider supporting Everybody's Home with the following actions:

1. Ask your local MP to sign the social housing pledge Homelessness Week 1-7 August 2022

Everybody's Home is asking supporters to seek a meeting with your local MP and ask them to sign the social housing pledge to support investment in more social housing. You can view a gallery of politicians who have already signed the pledge here and you can find resources to help plan your meeting here. This action can be taken throughout the year, but Homelessness Week is a great time to approach your MP.

2. Sign the Everybody's Home petition

Everybody's Home will be launching a petition during Homelessness Week to call for additional investment into social housing. Visit the Everybody's Home website during Homelessness Week to find the petition, as well as resources to help spread the word.

3. Make some noise

Help make some noise by sharing the petition and pledge, and don't forget to use the hashtags #BuildSocialHousing and #EverybodysHome


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