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Blessing Bags Statement: Covid-Safe Practices

Blessing Bags is committed to ensuring our volunteers and clients are safe from covid-19. Since the beginning of the outbreak we have been proactive in adopting covid-safe practices to ensure we can continue to provide bags while our volunteers are in safe environments.


All Blessing Bags events, including fundraisers have been cancelled until further notice. We know these events are an essential part of our work bringing the community together, and we are currently working to try and keep people connected with regular social media updates and continuing our monthly newsletter.

Packing Bags

Our team is still packing and providing bags of essentials to vulnerable Victorians in their own homes. Knowing the risk of covid-19 spreading through surfaces, our volunteers are disinfecting every item that goes into every bag, and making contact-less deliveries to our community partners.


Blessing Bags’ priority is the safety of our volunteers and clients, and we will take the necessary measures to minimise the risk of covid-19 spreading while continuing to deliver bags of essentials to vulnerable Victorians.

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