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How you can help

Give time

Volunteer at one of our Community Days and help pack Blessing Bags to be distributed to those in  need. All ages and abilities are welcome!

Upcoming events

Give items

Pick up some extra toiletries during your weekly shop and donate them to Blessing Bags. Every little bit helps!

Drop-off locations

Give money

Our capacity to make and distribute Blessing Bags depends on the generosity of the community. No matter the amount, every little bit helps!


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Fundraise for us

In the fundraising world nothing is too big or small and we appreciate all your efforts in supporting people experiencing homelessness.

There are plenty of ways to raise funds for Blessing Bags Melbourne; whether you organise a sausage sizzle, trivia night, comedy gig, or casual clothes day  - the opportunities are endless. 

Alternatively, you can also offer Blessing Bags Melbourne proceeds or a percentage of the sale of your product. It’s a great way to let your customers know that your business stands for social justice and gives back to the community by supporting people experiencing homelessness. 

Are you or your business interested in fundraising for us? 

Email our fundraising team at:


School Outreach Program


Our outreach programs have been co-designed with input from health promotion professionals and school teachers to inspire and engage the whole school community. Our approach aligns with the Victorian Curriculum's 'Civics and Citizenship' branch of Humanities and Social Sciences.


All of our outreach programs centre around understanding homelessness and challenging misconceptions about those people experiencing homelessness and hardship. We understand every school is different and offer flexibility in our activity and workshop options in order to best fit with the capacity and curriculum of every school.


All schools that participate in our outreach program receive a certificate of appreciation as well as a follow up report outlining the impact of their contribution

For more information please email our outreach team:

Suitable for grades 5 & 6


Pay it forward workshop

Note writing activity

Certificate of appreciation

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Why we’re so passionate about our work in schools

School-based social advocacy programs have the potential to foster civic engagement, self-efficacy, and positive youth development.


Social advocacy programs also allow students, a group that is disempowered due to their age and dependence on adults, to successfully and meaningfully participate and positively impact social and community problems.


This past year we have seen a substantial increase in the number of both high schools and primary schools interested in participating in our outreach program. As a result, our organisation has prioritised further developing our school outreach program.

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