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Based on the Mornington Peninsula, Blessing Bags is a Melbourne-based initiative that assembles and distributes hygiene packs to those experiencing homelessness and/or disadvantage. The hygiene packs  contain essential personal care items as well as a handwritten note of hope and positivity so that the recipient knows that they are not alone.


Blessing Bags aims to provide access to essential personal care items that many people take for granted until they are presented with the  challenges of homelessness and/or disadvantage. Completely volunteer-run, Blessing Bags thrives on the support and donations from the wider community. To date, Blessing Bags has provided over 15,000 Blessing Bags to those in need. 

What's in a Blessing Bag?

What is in a Blessing Bag?

Travelled sized items are placed in a zip lock bag with a thoughtful note handwritten by one of our volunteers

Each bag contains:

Shampoo & Conditioner



Soap or Body Wash



Muesli bar

Sanitary items

Thoughtful note



Blessing Bags Melbourne is committed to pursuing a more sustainable and environmentally responsible approach to our mission of providing essential items to people experiencing homelessness and disadvantage. 

We recognize the profound impacts of climate change on people facing homelessness and disadvantage. Climate change not only contributes to the emergence of homelessness through extreme weather events, cost of living increases, and resource scarcity, but also exacerbates the hardships endured by vulnerable people. By embracing eco-conscious products and practices, we aim to address this dual challenge.

Blessing Bags Melbourne is excited to embark on this journey towards reducing plastic waste and embracing more sustainable practices, all while continuing to serve our community with the utmost compassion and care. Together, we can make a positive impact on both the lives of those we assist and the health of our planet.


You can read the Sustainability Policy Report and our Sustainability Statement of Commitment 


Blessing Bags advocates for meaningful, evidence based policy change to end homelessness in Victoria.


Check out our research below.

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