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Stories of impact

Jack Lyons

       50 Marathons / 50 Days

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Having always been involved in sports and naturally drawn towards a challenge, Jack Lyons is currently preparing to run 50 marathons in 50 days to raise awareness to the issue of homelessness. In completing this, Jack is hoping to raise 50k that will go to providing people in need with essential personal care items. We were lucky enough to catch up with Jack and find out more about this incredible challenge.


Motivated by the growing number of people experiencing hardship and homelessness not just in his local area, but all over Melbourne, Jack felt compelled to act.


When I see how many people are homeless it breaks me and I want to do what I can to help as I believe everyone deserves a safe place to stay!


If together as a community we can make a difference, it’s a great start!


This isn’t the first time Jack has raised money for people experiencing homelessness, having done similar challenges in the past, Jack describes his excitement to complete his biggest challenge yet.


Running has always made me feel free while still being able to push myself! In the last couple of years I’ve completed 2 running challenges but was looking for thenext big challenge! 50 Marathons in 50 Days, doesn’t get much bigger than that!


I’ve always enjoyed a challenge and this is another step up that I really cannot wait to get stuck into!


For Jack, making a difference starts with a conversation.


Just because someone may be homeless you never know the reason. Have a chat and it just could make a difference, you never know.


Jack has chosen to partner with us at Blessing Bags for this event and we couldn’t be more stoked! As a local non-for-profit our capacity to raise awareness and provide essential care items to those in need is really dependent on the generosity of our community.


Finally, we asked Jack how people can get involved


People can get involved by coming along for a run, I will be posting the location of the runs closer to the start date (1st of January). They can also get involved by making a donation to the gofund me link to help reach that goal of $50,000 and all in all just do their part as a community, start a conversation with people see what they may need especially coming into the festive season everyone deserves a happy Christmas!

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