Fundraising Events 


We host a plethora of fund raisers all year round (primarily in the City of Frankston district) that you can get involved in. We are always in need of trustworthy and reliable volunteers to help us man the stall, cook the sausages and do a little leg work. This is an option for people with some time to spare who can lock in times and dates.


One of our favourites (if you can resist temptation) is a good old fashioned Cadbury Chocolate Box. We order them in bulk for supporters to easily raise funds and create smiles. You can put your name on the list (by sending us an email) to collect a box in our next batch, or if you're lucky we may have a couple spare for you right now. 


Depending on the upcoming fundraisers, there are particular items which can be donated to help the cause. Below is some information about what we generally require before the big day.


Sausage Sizzles

  • Sausages (can't have a sizzle without them)

  • Fresh Bread

  • Condiments (tomato sauce, mustard, even chutney)

  • Onions

  • Soft Drinks (for the thirsty among us)

  • Paper Napkins

  • Plastic Gloves

  • Your Time (because a helping hand never goes astray)


Market Stalls

  • Books

  • Costmetics (unused and like new)

  • Clothing (in relatively good condition)

  • Bric a Brac (typical trash and treasure beauties)


Girls Night In

  • Drinks (soft drinks and the old bubbly)

  • Finger Foods (dips and crackers, frozen goods etc)

  • Baked Goods (cupcakes are always delicious)

  • Hamper Goods (anything that you'd love to win in a raffle; cosmetics, vouchers of all things, home made jam)

  • Your Time (if you work in beauty and can offer a service ie. nails, make up tutorial, hair etc we'd love to hear from you)


Trivia Nights

  • Drinks, Finger Foods and Baked Goods

  • Hamper Goods (cosmetics, vouchers, condiments, tea, cheese boards and cheeses etc)

  • A Venue

  • Your Time (are you a muso, a DJ or entertainer? do you have your food handling and a Saturday night to spare?)

Host your own 


Many of our supporters have taken it upon themselves to create their own fun-fund raising event, and we say 'why not?!'. What a fabulous way to have a girls-night-in, spend a day at your local Bunnings or even go as far to hire out your local tavern and throw a bash! Personally, we don't even mind a spot of the old BINGO. There are so many ways that you can raise funds for Blessing Bags, and for such a great cause, we can only imagine the number of people who will get on board with the idea. If you get in touch, we can help you out with advice and even give you some information to print out for viewers.


Sausage Sizzles

The smell of an Australian Summer, a sausage sizzle is an easy and convenient choice to raise funds and make people's days (some folks say their favourite thing about Bunnings is the BBQ). You can also organise a sizzle with your local super market, who are often happy to help out. Essential equipment is often supplied so all you have to do is bring the snags and drinks.


Market Stalls

Every town has a great Trash n' Treasure market and everyone loves a good hunt. If you're in need of an essential Spring clean, you could rent a space at your local, get rid of some old stuff that you don't need anymore and raise funds to support the cause. 


Girls/Boys Night In

We all love a great night out dancing, but we also love a fabulous night in with friends (especially when it's raining). Rent a few movies, play a game of Pictionary, make some punch and ask your friends to donate the money they'd usually spend on drinks and taxis during a normal night out on the town.