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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I sign up to be a drop off location? Becoming a drop off location is a great way you can give back to your community that doesn't require a lot of oversight or team resourcing. What we offer drop off locations: - A certificate of appreciation - A highlight spot in our newsletter - Cross promotional social media posts - A Blessing Bags Melbourne sticker - Extra assistance is available for setting up a donation box/bag

Are there any costs associated with being a drop off point? There are no costs involved in becoming a drop off location.

What types of locations can be drop off points? Public spaces that are easily accessible are excellent public drop-off point. Stores and businesses, community centres, and libraries are great options.

What does managing a drop off location involve? - Sign up to become a drop off location. - You can choose to promote your drop-off point to encourage participation. - Send us a message when you're ready for us to collect the items from you.

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